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The Importance of Garage Door Spring Repair

Keeping your garage door springs in good working condition is essential to ensure that your garage door will work efficiently. No doubt, garage door cables, panels, tracks, and other running parts need periodical maintenance but garage door springs are the key components that need regular attention to save you from hassles in a long run. Take a look at how garage door torsion spring replacement can support you to keep your garage door working like a new.

Garage door spring maintenance

Some simple actions will give your garage door a longer life span. Therefore, you should inspect and lubricate the tracks and pulleys almost every six months. You can use silicon oil or silicon spray for this purpose. You should also check the weather seals and replace them if needed. Check all the loose bolts, nuts, and screws to tighten up them properly.

The garage door will last longer if you spend some time examining and then maintain it on a regular basis. Garage door maintenance tasks should include finding out the shredding cables, rusted panels, and dented tracks. You should also examine the locks regularly to make sure that they are safe and secure. These maintenance steps will help you to keep your garage door running smoothly and increase the life of the garage door. Definitely, if you are not sure about how to conduct these procedures, you should consult with a professional to do this job.

There is one component that you cannot handle by yourself is garage door springs. Garage door torsion springs can be complicated and dangerous to handle so they need the attention of skilled professionals.

For residential buildings, annual maintenance is sufficient. For the commercial setups, twice a year inspection and maintenance is recommended.

Thousands of cases are reported every year that people got injured when a garage door suddenly falls on them due to broken garage door springs. Whether you are performing garage door maintenance regularly, it is also important to call a professional contractor to give safety inspection to springs at least once a year. They have abilities to determine if springs need to be fixed or changed according to the current safety features.

The importance of garage door spring maintenance and replacement

On average, the garage door is operated around 1500 times each year. If they are neglected, the garage door rollers may become frozen which causes them to track replacements. The garage door opener may fail which makes the opening and closing process difficult. In addition to these, garage door torsion springs can become misaligned or damaged. There may be possibilities that pieces of the tightly mounted springs can become loose and fly in the air which will cause injuries or even death or property damages. Regular maintenance will help you to deal with unexpected problems and keep your vehicle and family safe.