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Hello, Aerochromics! I just want you to know that we support your products and your advocacy. Let me just share this story. I have a friend whose dad is a chain smoker. Unfortunately, it took a toll on his health and he was diagnosed with lung cancer just a year ago. It was not something that we did not expect considering his lifestyle and smoking habit. But what was sad was that his mother, who has never smoked a cigarette in her entire life, was also brought in to the hospital. Doctors said that she suffered from a severe asthma attack which they attributed to second and third-hand smoke. The thing about smoking is that most of the smoke does not really go directly into the smoker’s lungs or body. It goes directly into the air which is also the same air that people around him or her breathe in. They are the ones who inhale the polluted air and it is especially harder for non-smokers since their bodies are not really used to that kind of smoke. They said that smoke from cigarettes emits 250 harmful chemicals into the air. When these chemicals get into our bodies, they can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Their family learned their lesson the hard way and now they are doing their best to make their home smoke-free. That is why your shirts are very useful to them especially for their mom. Once they see that it changes color, they take her to some other place where the air is cleaner so that she will not have an asthma attack again. I have given your shirts as a gift to my friend’s mom and they loved them. May we all work together to help make the air around us cleaner and healthier. More power to you, Aerochromics!