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What if the shirt you wear will let you know the quality of the air around you? What if the shirt you wear will help you breathe cleaner air? What if the shirt you wear will let you help the environment?

Did you know that the quality of the air that we breathe in has deteriorated over time? Did you know that it is unsafe to breathe in air that has 60 Air Quality Index and above? Did you know that when you breathe in polluted air, your body can suffer from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases?

You want to know the quality of the air around you to breathe in cleaner air but how do you do that?
Aerochromics is a unique clothing line that lets you wear the air around you. It features a reactive fabric with our Aerochromic dye that changes color depending on the quality of the air around you. All our shirts are made of 100% cotton material which guarantees comfort when worn. The reactive fabric features different designs that are gradually revealed as the air quality index changes. From now on, you can detect the quality of the air around you as you go out of your garage doors in Peoria. When you see a significant change in your shirt’s color and design, leave that place immediately as you do not want and you should not be breathing that kind of air that is harmful to your body.

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Aerochromics is an online shop that features clothes that can detect the quality of air that you breathe in. Our clothes make you aware of your surroundings and give you the opportunity to look for healthier alternatives. Be kind to your body. Wear Aerochromics to know the air that you breathe. Our clothing line is available in our online store. We have various designs to suit the different tastes and preferences of our customers. Our designs are inspired by the environment. Our shirts are made in different communities where we help low-income families augment their earnings so that they can meet the needs of their families. We have trained them about shirt-making and provided them with the equipment that they need to make high-quality clothes. Our team conducts quality control to make sure that the clothes we sell in our shop are in excellent condition. We also invite our Aerochromics community to submit their designs to us to provide our customers with more choices of available patterns and motifs in our shop.

To order, just click on the item that you wish to purchase. Choose the colorway and size that you want, and place it on your online shopping cart. You will receive an invoice from us which you can pay through your credit card, Paypal, or online wallets. We ship locally and internationally. Delivery fee is shouldered by the buyer.
Let your fashion be a statement for the quality of air around you. Breathe in the clean air and choose to be healthy.